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This is a wiki for the mobile game Time Princess made for and by fans. It is currently under construction, so feel free to create and edit pages!

Time Princess is a dress up, butterfly-effect game created by IGG Inc. that takes players on a journey through time to play out the lives of women throughout history and literature.

Your character will explore the Europe of past centuries, oriental folktales of diverse origins, and everyday stories of modern times, while collecting and crafting beautiful clothing. Customize your character, meet intriguing companions, and change the fate of the heroine!


Book Queen Marie.png Book Magic Lamp.png Book Gotham Memoirs.png Book Swan Lake.png
Book Helen of Sparta.png Book Romy and Julius.png Book Shadows of London.png Book Little Women.png
Book Phantom of the Opera.png Book Taishō Adventures.png Book Saga of Viera.png Book Tang Dynasty Hunter.png
Book Si-woo's Sight.png Book Princess Sissi.png Book White Snake.png Book Dancing On Ice.png
Book Have You Seen Claudia.png Book Whispers of the Rain.png Book Cleopatra.png Book The Sacred Beast.png
Book Ancient Dreams.png Book Ghost Manor.png Book Kingdom of Beasts.png Book House of Horrors.png
Book Spring Sonata.png Book Trendy Times.png Book Gourmet's Journey.png Book Miss Kitty's Antiques.png
Book Hela's Compass.png
Side Book The Affair of the Necklace.png Side Book A Servant's Resolve.png Side Book Figaro Fever.png Side Book The Western Wall.png
Side Book A Precious Friend.png Side Book The King's Mistress.png Side Book Mysterious Island.png Side Book For the Love of Flying.png
Side Book Fated Encounter.png Side Book The Poet.png

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