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Cats are companions that can be used to gather a variety of items and materials, as well as boost your dress up scores.

There are three cats that can be collected at the beginning of the game: you are given Dusty (male) and Teddy (female) when you begin the game, and you are given Cocoa (male) once you have achieved two stage completions. When you have at least 1 female and 1 male cat, you will be able to breed your cats. By breeding your cats, you can obtain higher rarity kitties that can collect better items and materials, and give a higher score boost.

You can send out cats to explore for intervals of 2, 4, or 8 hours. Keep in mind that it will take an equal amount of time for those cats to rest before they can go exploring again. If you select a 2 hour exploration, you will get the gifts back in 2 hours, but won't be able to use the cat(s) you sent for four hours. Resting cats are able to go on "dates" and make kittens.

You can speed up the exploration by using Diamonds Diamond.png. For each minute left in the exploration, it costs one diamond to speed up. If you want to speed up a 2 hour exploration from the start, it will cost 120 Diamonds Diamond.png. If you have 30 minutes left, it will cost 30 Diamonds Diamond.png. Alternatively, you can buy Kitty Bells to speed up exploration for all your exploring cats, and use Kitty Beds to reduce rest time, however kitty beds only work for one cat.

Cats can also be dressed up in cute clothing that can be obtained through Minigames, Lucky Login, purchasing packs, and through the Style Pass. There are no exploration or scoring bonuses to any cat clothing.

Kitty Dating

The time and cost of breeding cats will depend on the cats' rarity. For example, a 1 star male and 1 star female will take 3 hours and 20 minutes and cost 2,000 Gold.png, a 2 star male and a 1 star female will take 3 hours and 30 minutes and cost 2,200 Gold.png, and a 2 star male and a 2 star female will take 7 hours and cost 3,100 Gold.png. The cats being bred cannot explore, be dressed up, or interacted with until their date is done. Speeding it up will cost 1 Diamond.png per minute.

After picking which cats will date, tap on the kittens in the thought bubble before tapping the "Start Dating" to preview what kittens the date can result in.

If you send unwanted cats and kittens away, you will lose some Kitty Fame and gain cat food. The amount depending on the cat/kitten's level and rarity. However, if you send the kitten away when you first get it, it'll cost no Kitty Fame and you'll gain x1 Nutri Feed Nutri Feed.png.

Kittens will only grow up through Kitty Interaction, and can't explore or date until they are adults. They'll grow up into adult cats once they hit Kitty Love level 4. Kittens are able to wear cat clothes and provide score boosts in dress up, though they provide a lower score than adults.

For more information on kitten breeding combinations, please visit Kitty Breeding.

Kitty Slots

You start out with 6 cat slots, with additional slots costing Diamonds Diamond.png. The first paid slot costs 300 Diamond.png, and the prices will rise, as shown below.

Slot 1-6 7 8 9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40+
Cost Free 300 500 800 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500

You can also get new free slots by increasing your Kitty Fame. Note that when you gain a slot for free, it does not count towards the cost increase of paid slots.

Kitty Fame

Kitty Fame KittyFame.png is earned by acquiring a new unique cat or raising a cat's Love. A new unique cat will net you 10 Kitty Fame per star. For example: a two star cat will net you 20 Kitty Fame. You'll need to claim it manually from the Kitty Chart. In addition, at the end of the week you'll be given a reward based on your Kitty Fame.

When bringing a new kitten home, you will get +5 fame. However, when you give a cat away, you will lose a specified amount of fame based on the level and rarity of the cat.

Below is a chart of how much fame is earned when you level your cat up.

Star Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
S1.png 5 5 10 15 20 25 35 40 50 60
S2.png 5 5 10 20 25 30 40 55 65 75
S3.png 5 5 15 25 35 45 60 75 85 100
S4.png 5 10 20 35 45 60 80 100 120 140
S5.png 10 15 30 50 65 85 110 140 165 195
S6.png 10 25 45 70 95 120 155 195 235 270

Exclusive Rewards

Earn enough Kitty Fame and you'll get the following rewards.

Kitty Fame Reward
KittyFame.png 100 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 300 Hp-label-catframe1.png
Exclusive Frame
KittyFame.png 450 Kitty Bed Slots +1
KittyFame.png 600 Cat-icon12.png
Cat Clothing
KittyFame.png 1000 Kitty Explorers +1
KittyFame.png 1500 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 2100 Hp-label-catframe2.png
Exclusive Frame
KittyFame.png 2800 Cat-icon13.png
Cat Clothing
KittyFame.png 3600 Kitty Bed Slots +1
KittyFame.png 4500 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 5500 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 6600 Hp-label-catframe3.png
Exclusive Frame
KittyFame.png 7800 Cat-icon14.png
Cat Clothing
KittyFame.png 9100 Kitty Bed Slots +1
KittyFame.png 10500 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 12000 Hp-label-catframe4.png
Exclusive Frame
KittyFame.png 13600 Cat-icon15.png
Cat Clothing
KittyFame.png 15300 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 19000 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 21000 Kitty Bed Slots +1
KittyFame.png 23100 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 25300 Kitty Bed Slots +1
KittyFame.png 27600 Daily Kitty Interactions +1
KittyFame.png 30000 Kitty Bed Slots +1
KittyFame.png 32500 Cat-icon16.png
Cat Clothing

Kitty Love

Raising your cat's Kitty Love will also increase its clothing score. However, Kitty Love can only be raised by giving "gifts". The cats ask for cat food or gifting materials, as gifts.

The formula for finding how much of a gift material a cat wants is as follows:

Star level of cat + Love level of cat

So for example, a 4-star cat at level 7 would want 11 of a gift material. Materials will give you 10 Kitty Love per 1 material.

Cats also may want cat food. There are three different types of cat food, and each one provides a different amount of Kitty Love:

Nutri Feed.png
Nutri Feed
+10 Kitty Love
Cat food with all the right nutrients in all the right proportions. Satisfies the daily needs of growing kitties. Value for money.
Kitty Deli.png
Kitty Deli
+20 Kitty Love
Delicious cat food made from fresh ingredients. Even the pickiest gourmet will love this.
Meow Organics.png
Mew Organics
+50 Kitty Love
Cat food made from 100% natural ingredients, certified organic. Gotta get the best for our kitties' health!

There seems to be a different amount each cat wants, depending on its star level.

Star Level Nutri Feed Nutri Feed.png Kitty Deli Kitty Deli.png Mew Organics Meow Organics.png
S1.png 7 5 3
S2.png 10 8 5
S3.png 13 11 7
S4.png 16 14 9
S5.png 19 17 11
S6.png 22 20 13

By default you can only give your cats 10 gifts per day. Additional interactions can be gained by raising your Kitty Fame. It cost 10 Diamond.png to change what a Kitten/Cat asks for. What they ask for will change at the start of the next day.

The Kitty Love needed to level them up seems to be different depending on a cat's rarity, as shown below.

Star Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
S1.png 10 160 310 460 610 860 1,110 1,360 1,610 Max
S2.png 25 220 415 610 805 1,130 1,455 1,780 2,105 Max
S3.png 70 340 610 880 1,150 1,600 2,050 2,500 2,950 Max
S4.png 145 520 895 1,270 1,645 2,270 2,895 3,520 4,145 Max
S5.png 265 790 1,315 1,840 2,365 3,240 4,115 4,990 5,865 Max
S6.png 460 1,210 1,960 2,710 3,460 4,710 5,960 7,210 8,460 Max


As the cats explore, now and then they will mention some little events they encounter on their journey. After they've encountered an event a specified number of times, you will be given a badge to celebrate. The badges don't have much use, but there are some achievements to be earned based on how many you get.

You can unlock new badges as you unlock new stories. There is no way to control what events the cats will encounter, just enjoy the badges when they show up.

Icon Badge Name Requirements Story
Cat medal QM 09.png
Cats can fall in love too! I wonder which charming kitty I should favor today?
Versailles Lover Bump into ladies' hand fans 10 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 06.png
Human, hand over that fish and your life will be spared.
Kitty's Ocean Feast Collude with other cats and surround the fisherman 20 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 05.png
Are you trying to steal from my hoard? You gotta get past these teeth and claws first!
Kitty Lock Brush up against Louis XVI's hands and get rewarded with a bell 30 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 02.png
If you can lie down and nap, you're my friend... Yes, the gargoyle's a friend too!
Gargoyle's Friend Sleep at the rooftop of the Notre-Dame de Paris 50 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 10.png
An intelligent cat like me would know how to write poetry, of course!
French Scholar Leave paw prints on Fersen's poems 55 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 01.png
So you want me to be your model? Persuade me. Pay me in advance, with fish, and I'll consider it.
Catwalk Be enticed by the food in the studio 60 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 08.png
I... I didn't see anything! Don't look at me like that!
See No Evil Encounter couples during your afternoon nap in the garden 75 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 04.png
No, I am not the filthy criminal who dirtied the carpet, but my paws sure are fluffy enough to tempt anyone into committing a crime.
Naughty Paws Step in the powder case in Queen Marie's room 95 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 07.png
I am better at holding my liquor than any human. Pour me another 10 shots!
Kitty Barhopper Taste the content of abandoned wine bottles 120 times Queen Marie
Cat medal QM 03.png
Noooo, it was just one night of binging! I... I'm not fat!
Fluffy Butt Get stuck in the skylight of d'Eon's room 140 times Queen Marie
Cat medal ML 05.png
Zzz... Eh, where am I? I smell food!
Cat in a Bowl Sleep in a bowl in the market 10 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 10.png
You can fly? Hey! Put me down!
Flying Cat Take a nap on the carpet 20 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 08.png
Do I get three wishes? I want an unlimited supply of fishies!
Cat Wishes Rub the fish lamp in the Prime Minister's Room 30 Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 03.png
What a strange new friend... I suppose this is how dogs express their friendship?
New Friend Get caught by a hound in the palace gardens 50 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 01.png
Return my fishies, Awad! I don't want any Gold!
Distilling Flask Knock over strange bottles in the Royal Alchemy Workshop 55 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 07.png
I'll charm everyone with this beautiful beard! It's all natural, I swear!
Dream Girl Dream of having a nice beard 60 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 06.png
What a beautiful art piece! It's got my shadow on it!
Bottled Sand Art Steal bottled sand art from the market 75 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 09.png
But I still wanna play!
Dried Fruit Hoarder Get chased away from the market for using dried fruit as cat litter 95 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 04.png
What a breathtaking beauty... I think I'm in love...
Western Beauty Meet a noble beauty from the Eastern Provinces 120 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal ML 02.png
These scars are my badges of honor!
Badge of Honor Defeat the evil cat, and save the damsel in distress 140 times Magic Lamp
Cat medal GM 05.png
Clickety-clack, a new "article" is almost ready!
News Reporter Play with typewriters 10 times Gotham Memoirs
Cat medal GM 04.png
At 170mph, my heart is free as the wind!
Cat Driver Go for a drive with Davis 30 times Gotham Memoirs
Cat medal GM 03.png
I wasted too many lives before I learned caution. Curiosity killed the cat, you know.
Feline Godfather Make a deal with Mr. Puzo 60 times Gotham Memoirs
Cat medal GM 02.png
Kitty Airlines is ready for departure.
Flying Experience Enter Miss Harris' plane model 75 times Gotham Memoirs
Cat medal GM 01.png
Do the defense and prosecution have any meowjections?
Legal Elite Follow Boseman to court 120 times Gotham Memoirs
Cat medal SL 01.png
Achoo! Please stop fighting, meow!
Allergic Reaction Witness the swan and the owl fighting 60 times Swan Lake
This pillar has been chosen by the god of cats!
Cat's Pillar Sharpen your claws on the temple pillar 60 times Helen of Sparta
In the name of chivalry! For the glory of the family!
For the Family Fight with the Capulet kitties 60 times Romy and Julius
I've slept my fill. It's time to hunt some AB-type mice for a good meal.
Earl of Meow Wake the Earl of Meow up 60 times Shadows of London
I didn't ruin the painting! That's my signature!
Model Signature Leave a signature on Amy's artwork 60 times Little Women
Meow! Who are you? Why do you look just like me?
Mirror Miracle See yourself in the dressing room mirror 60 times Phantom of the Opera
Seeing how hard the hooman [sic] is working, I suppose I'll just have a few bites.
The Maid's Love Be fed by the maid 60 times Taishō Adventures
The God of Light must remember my wish, meow!
Kitty's Prayer Make 60 wishes before the Sacred Tree Saga of Viera
Will I meet this beautiful kitty again...
Beautiful Kitty Meet the Beautiful Kitty at Chang'an's lantern fair 60 times Tang Dynasty Hunter
With my trusty microphone in my hands, I will be the most brilliant cat around when the spotlights shine on me!
Star of the Stage Sing on the stage 60 times Si-woo's Sight
A cat's life is short. I want to gallop away on a horse, and live my life freely.
Speedster Kitty Win 60 horse races Princess Sissi
Life is difficult, and I have to act adorable to get by. I don't know if I'll be able to face my tiger ancestors... *sigh*
Herb Thief Steal herbs 60 times White Snake
Figure skating is easy to a talented kitty like me!
Skater Meow Make 60 spins on the ice rink Dancing On Ice
Nothing will escape my eyes!
Furry Detective Sneak into the Chicago World's Fair Company's kitchen 60 times Have You Seen Claudia?
TBA TBA Whispers of the Rain
TBA TBA Cleopatra
TBA TBA The Sacred Beast