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The lantern is where you can interact with your Companions and manage your Relics. This is the primary location for raising the affection of your companions.


There are two ways to raise the affection of your companions: tapping on them and giving gifts. Everyday you'll be able to tap your companion 5 times and give them 16 gifts. Tapping them will net you 10 affection points each time. While giving gifts can earn anywhere from 10 to 90 affections points per gift. The maximum points you can earn in a day is 1,490. With a higher VIP level, you can have more chances to interact and give gifts to your companions.

Earning affection points can occasionally result in the companions giving you a random gift box. When you raise their affection level, a companion will gift you with a blueprint or a keepsake. For more info on this and to view the companion's separate pages click here.

There are 4 different sets of Affection requirements. Companions are separated into sets, with their Goodwill requirements roughly related to their importance in their stories and the star-rating of their relic.

Data Set Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Set A 24 510 1210 2370 4140 6660 10640 16230 23910 Max
Set B 20 400 960 1870 3280 5280 8430 12850 18930 Max
Set C 20 320 760 1480 2590 4170 6650 10150 14950 Max
Set D 20 260 610 1190 2070 3330 5320 8120 11960 Max
Set A Set B Set C Set D

Relic Vault

The relic vault allows you to upgrade relics, enhance their skills, and awaken them. Click here to see all the relics that are currently in the game.

Upgrade Relics

This feature allows you to upgrade the style score of a relic. The items used to do this are called Potions. Potions are found through Kitty Exploration and Lucky Jerry.

Enhance Skill

Enhancing skills increases the percentage by which the relic increases a score. For instance, at skill level two Ebony Violin increases the Gentle and Grand score of clothing items by 3.9%. At level 3, this rises to 5.3%.

Enhancing skills requires relic shards matching the relic you want to enhance. Relics and relic shards can be obtained from Lucky Jerry. 4 and 5 star relics can only be won from the gold balloon.

Awaken Relic

Awakening a relic greatly increases its style score and changes it's appearance. To awaken a relic requires the relic to be level 50 and needs 10 relic shards.