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Dress Up! Time Princess Wiki

"Everything you have experienced in a storybook is recorded in Recollections... Head over to Recollections to check them out!"

Gives overview of each story. Please view each individual story to access the personalized information for the story.

Set Pictures

Here you'll be able to see all the clothing sets the story has. In the top right corner of each picture shows how many pieces you own of that set. Once all the pieces in a set are owned, the picture will no longer be black and white. You will also receive a completion reward of either 3000 coins or 100 diamonds, depending on the set.


The Album hold all of the 2D CGs of each story. They are collected as you progress through the story of that book. You can download higher resolution of a CG by tapping the download arrow on the top right.


Is the same as Album. This is solely a place to look at the CG of the relics but unlike the Album there is no option to download the CG. You can however tap on the image to hide the UI and description to take a screenshot. You cannot upgrade relics here, you'll need to go to the Lantern to do that.


Companions are key characters you meet throughout the story. Interacting with companions at the Lantern will unlock quotes from them. Tapping the question mark on the top right will bring up a short biography of the character.


These are collectible objects given by companions for reaching certain goodwill levels.

Event Log

This holds relevant information for each story. The categories are Characters, Event, Locations, Item, and Others.